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Adding Value and Avoiding Deductions

  • Dry grain in high capacity dryer
  • Remove admixture using rotary screen cleaner
  • Fumigate infested grain on intake and remove dead bugs 
  • Screen out small seeds to increase the retention 'over a sieve'
  • Improve bushel weight in difficult seasons like harvest 2012
  • Priority haulage arrangement with our on-site haulage partner, Adstock Bulk Solutions
  • All TASCC accredited
  • Laboratory service for independent grain analysis


At Pilch Farm on the Adstockfields estate near Buckingham we have the means to help you add value and avoid deductions. With our service you will begin to know exactly what you have to sell using our independent and accredited laboratory. We can also help you improve what you have, making your grain fit closer to the market specification.

2012 harvest was a difficult year for arable farmers, especially here in the middle of the country. Using our TASCC accredited, brand new facility, we have been able to make a real difference helping farmers to dry wheat, barley and beans from over 30% moisture. We have improved the Kg/Hl density for wheat from as low as 57 Kg to 65 or 66 Kg/Hl, cleaned beans with over 20% admixture and improved oats with low retentions on a 2mm sieve to milling standard.

One of the most costly problems is that of infestation, we are set up to receive distressed loads, fumigate, clean out the dead insects and turn around a load inside 48 hours.

Grain transported by your tractor and trailer can be received and treated at our designed facility after which you may return it to your farm or send it on to its ultimate destination using our on-site haulier.