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Adstock Bulk Solutions

Fergus O'Kelly, Adstock Bulk SolutionsAdstock Bulk Solutions is a privately owned and personally run bulk haulage company with a fleet 20 bulk tippers and a dedicated hand picked team of experienced and reliable drivers.

The company is based here at Pilch Farm in the grain yard next to the laboratory, giving company director Fergus O'Kelly and his colleague Mark Smith, up to the minute information as to results and progress of any load on site.

The 29 tonne lorries are all fitted with the latest fleet management technology enabling real time tracking and monitoring so that the information passed on to the customer is always accurate.

With over 20 years  experience in the grain and bulk haulage industry Fergus and Mark are very well informed and can ably assist with all manner of discussions regarding treatments as well as transport.

ABS are able to quote for hauling any TASCC approved product including finished animal feed as well as aggregates UK and Europe wide.  Mark Smith, Adstock Bulk Solutions

  • TASCC Assured
  • UK wide Haulage
  • European Operators licence
  • Vehicle tracking system

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service and accurate up to the minute information and advice.  Give us a call on 01296 712433

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